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The Music Capital of the World

The Austin Music Movement is, to date, a 10 million dollar effort founded by Gary Keller, of Keller Williams Realty International, and Nick Shuley focused on stabilizing, protecting, growing, and sustaining the Music Capital of the World -- Austin, Texas.

Our initiatives


Foundational Support

We work to ensure Austin musicians have key foundational support that includes Health Support, Business Education, and Career Development. Musicians need fundamental support for medical services (both physical and mental), effective “best practice” business training for business growth and timely financial aid for deserving rising stars.


Live Music Support

We work to ensure live music support for the local businesses that provide live performance outlets. Austin already has the venues, festivals, and music districts necessary to have the most exciting live music performance environment in the world. We work to ensure Austin stays this way by ensuring these places have key regulatory and financial assistance that enables them to be sustainable over time.


Business Development

We work to develop the business environment around live music, intellectual property, artist services and more. We work to coalescence the Austin music community by promoting the business and creative aspects for Austin musicians and music businesses locally, nationally, internationally and online to help facilitate business and creative opportunities. We strive to not only promote, but also build and attract these key areas of the industry to Austin.



We actively work to ensure affordability for musicians to be able to live in Austin. We focus on four key areas: income, housing, transportation and parking.


Austin Texas

The next major outpost for music in America, and you should be here

It’s the city that gave us Janis Joplin, Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Roky Erickson, Doug Sahm, Daniel Johnston, Spoon, Gary Clark Jr., and countless other culture- and genre-shifting musicians. It’s the city with the longest-running music show on television, “Austin City Limits.” And it’s the city with two of the most iconic music festivals in the world, South by Southwest and the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Featured Updates


Faster Than Sound: Music Advocates Say Convention Center Expansion Key to Unlocking City Funds

Long before the concept of expanding the convention center became the hotly debated civic issue it is today, music advocate Rebecca Reynolds had her eye on a specific bucket of city funding – she just wasn't sure how to get it yet.

The target: hotel occupancy tax (HOT) funds. Read the full article here.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott and BMI Announce Opening of New Office In Austin

Governor Greg Abbott and BMI today announced that BMI is expanding its presence in the Lone Star State and will open its first creative office in Austin, Texas. More.


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