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We work to ensure live music support for the local businesses that provide live performance outlets. Austin already has the venues, festivals, and music districts necessary to have the most exciting live music performance environment in the world. We work to ensure Austin stays this way by ensuring these places have key regulatory and financial assistance that enables them to be sustainable over time.

Learn more about the organizations that we currently support/partner with in our efforts:

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Advocate for the preservation and empowerment of Austin's: musicians, music businesses, culture, and communities.

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Stimulate cultural representation and foster economic prosperity in the creative sector through an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens.

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Our mission is to organize Austin's venue community with a unified focus and voice, in order to achieve policy protection.

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The Red River Cultural District (RRCD) is a cultural tourism destination for authentic live music, food and drink experiences in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas.

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