+ Music Business Development

We work to develop the business environment around live music, intellectual property, artist services and more. We work to coalescence the Austin music community by promoting the business and creative aspects for Austin musicians and music businesses locally, nationally, internationally and online to help facilitate business and creative opportunities. We strive to not only promote, but also build and attract these key areas of the industry to Austin.

Learn more about the organizations that we currently support/partner with in our efforts:

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For nearly 30 years the Texas Music Office has served the Texas music industry. Its mission to create opportunity and connect businesses continues today.

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Building a stronger and more connected music and creative community in Austin and throughout Texas.

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BMI is the bridge between songwriters and the businesses and organizations that want to play their music publicly.

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The House of Songs invites songwriters from around the world to share the universal language of music in collaborations designed to bridge cultures, build friendships and cultivate peace.

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Honor and celebrate Texas songwriters who have played an important role in defining and interpreting Texas’ distinctive culture.

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